Many children hate maths-

are frustrated in class, experience math anxiety, don’t know effective, creative, fun ways to do maths, and sadly experience low self-esteem and low confidence as a result. Economies, society, parents and children are suffering as a result of the maths problem in many countries but in particular, the USA and UK.

When children get to a stage at which they are struggling with Maths, there can be immeasurable problems from the teachers and the children that families to deal with. It is common to struggle with maths taught as a rigid set of rules.

Begenio is different-

because we focus on assisting maths learning with a focus on fun. Our games and courses have some amazing testimonials and case studies, from children, top professionals in the industry and even head teachers and maths co-ordinators.

“Rules were straightforward, easy to explain and enjoyable.” Parent of 8 year old

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